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What Is Plinkd?

Born as a social media platform, Plinkd was created to connect you to everywhere you want to be. Whether it’s the grand opening of a night-club in your city, a concert, event or NYE plans, Plinkd is driving connections and capturing the full potential of the world we live in.

Plinkd consistently guides you in finding people and places while creating a safe environment for making new friends, trying new things all while bringing the world one step closer together.

Loaded With Features You Would Surely Love.

Are you a traveler? With Plinkd it’s as if you’re a local! Plinkd was designed to be your personal tour guide and connect you to everyone and everywhere around you, no matter where you are. Hungry? And don’t know where to eat? Plinkd. In town? And ready to party? Plinkd


Each travel destination has a wealth of intriguing attractions, you just have to know where to look and find local things to do. Fortunately, it's never been easier. Plinkd is designed to help you find cool events and attractions around you while gaining assurance your time will be worthwhile.


Stories are our universal language. It drives the new birth of communication that allows us to fully express ourselves. We have moved from drawing on cave walls to Plinking what allows you to tell your story whenever and wherever.


Plinkd allows you to make group plans easily. Whether you make plans with your best friends or make plans with a much larger group of friends, it’s important to do activities that make everyone feel involved.


From signup to your first Plink, Plinkd is easy and simple to use.


Plinkd's mission is to empower relationships between people and businesses to thrive and grow. Plinkd helps you find the best of restaurants, festivals and other live events that connect you with individuals who enjoy the same things you do.


Have a business? Used Plinkd to get people in the door now and not later. Plinkd allows you to post relevant, personable ads that attracts paying clients.

What Users Say about Plinkd.

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Plinkd has been such an amazing way to connect with new people in Charleston. Moving from out of state and not knowing anyone it gave me a way to find out best places to go and make friends who like having a good time. With all the choices in Charleston, using Plinkd I never miss out on the top bars and events downtown.

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Hailey @Hailayee

Using the Plinkd app has saved me a lot of time whether it's finding popular spots to hangout during the weekdays or looking for the best cocktails on a Saturday night. It's simple, Plinkd gets the job done.

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It always gets boring going to the same restaurants, the same bars and seeing the same people around town. With Plinkd, they give you full range of new places to explore and new people to meet, with just the touch of your finger tips.

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Fany @fanyyg

I absolutely love hanging out with my girls. Sometimes we get caught up in this routine of going to the same spots all the time. Plinkd introduced us to places we never even knew existed.

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Phillip @donfelipej

There is no better app out there that answers all your Who? What? When? and Where? questions.

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Your connection to all the places and people that make up your everday. Everyone. Everywhere. Everyday.